A Grand Canyon helicopter is a fun manner to spend a weekend vacation.

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 Labor Day weekend can be here quickly, so now is the right time to plan a experience to Vegas and book your thrilling canyon excursion.

Vegas is a fantastic area to start your helicopter excursion because you will get your preference of a landing or air excursion. Since the excursions all fly along the same route at the manner to the canyon, you may get to see the dazzling Hoover Dam and Lake Mead on each sorts of tours. You’ll also be dealt with to first rate perspectives of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River flowing at its base. While the air-handiest tours circle the canyon and head again to Vegas, the landing excursions forestall at the canyon so you can get out and discover the region. Visit :- เว็บบาคาร่าแนะนํา

Landing Tour Options

You can select from a ramification of air tours, however you ought to consider reserving the deluxe landing tour that lifts off from the Vegas Strip. The deluxe excursions are advanced because they fly on the superior EcoStar a hundred thirty helicopter, plus you may get free lodge transportation in a limousine. You can take this type of excursions on a chopper that flies all the way down to the canyon ground so you can get out close to the banks of the Colorado River.

As a pleasing contact, this tour comes with a champagne picnic, and you could even take a ship excursion alongside the Colorado River if you like.

Touring The South Rim

You can also take a tour out of Vegas that is going to the South Rim, and if you’ll be in Arizona in preference to Vegas, you may be closer to the South Rim, so your tour will cross there. South Rim tours lift off from Tusayan, Arizona and you could pressure your self there from any factor in Arizona, or you may purchase a Vegas excursion that consists of a flight that gets you there in about an hour.

You get to pick from the least pricey half hour air excursion of the South Rim, or the longer tour that lasts nearly an hour, which is particularly endorsed. On the longer tour, you get to see the land among the South and North Rims in addition to the region of the park all the manner to the eastern boundary. You’ll see many great and delightful points of interest in this excursion.

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